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Digi Information Technologies consists of business solutions you are seeking in order to derive potential growth amidst the thriving competition. This innovative global B2B & B2C digital ecosystem demolishes the prevailing barriers that hold businesses’ growth and survival, as a game-changing SaaS (Software as a Solution). It consists of technologically innovated solutions such as DigiBizConnect, DigiFind, DigiCom, DigiTender, DigiShop, DigiNews, and more is open to the future demand of the customers.

Subscribed businesses and the individuals can make use of all these platforms in terms of engaging with seamless communication, drumming up the brand name & visibility, associating like-minded entrepreneurs, actively engaging in online tender & procurement management, online shopping & selling, and many more, reaching a wider audience, while lowering the carbon footprint.


To build Sri Lanka’s most interactive, vertically integrated digital business ecosystem.


To help businesses grow by being, Sri Lanka’s most preferred vertically integrated, global online listing and digital business directory platform.


To empower businesses and consumers to leverage the power of digital transformation, provide the convenience of information in a truly B2B & B2C online digital platform, and enable a digital ecosystem understanding the needs of businesses and consumers.

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Despite the businesses being mom-and-pop, SME, or large scale, currently under the aggressively competitive business atmosphere, organizations cannot survive without being bound to digitalization. The Digi-ecosystem proposes to upend the system of relic methods and to put customer expectations to the forefront while ensuring the organization reaches its goals. This requires a vast expertise, time and wealth. We, at Digi Information Technologies (Pvt) Ltd are equipped with all the extraordinary talents and resources to make the global market more accessible to you through technology.

Digi IT copes with you in reducing the costs of doing business, and the carbon footprint of the business too. From large scale entities to SOHOs, every business nowadays has the opportunity to benefit from global opportunities by expanding the organization to new markets, and to pursuit customer satisfaction. Digi IT’s 360-degree coverage with all its versatile business platforms such as DigiFind, DigiShop, DigiTender, DigiNews, DigiBizConnect and DigiCom assures that industry dynamics will no longer be challenging.

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Under the current space of business, Digi Information Technologies brings fragmented patchwork of solutions to you. This versatile mix of product combination further allows you to realize a seamless digital experience amid the aggressively competitive business world. Our user-friendly architectures in the ecosystem allow the organizations to be quickly extended into attractive markets and niches, considering the potential growth in the future. We further anticipate to expand our offerings and value propositions rapidly to suit the changing market conditions.

Thus, Digi IT and its integrated suite of solutions is the panacea for the woes faced by both business owners and end users in the corporate world. Consumers and businesses can now make use of the inherent and unmatched convenience offered by a fully integrated business ecosystem that brings together a multitude of stakeholders with the ultimate goal of maximizing consumer satisfaction.

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